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"And Now For Something Completely Different" (#203)

O homem das crises: a história de Harvey Wallinger
Um comicamentário de Woody Allen de 1971 a gozar Rixard Nixon e em que Woody Allen personifica Harvey Wallinger, um Henry Kissinger ainda com cabelo.

Esteve para ser emitido na PBS em Fevereiro de 1972 mas a direcção daquela televisão não teve tomates para o passar.

Woody, por causa disso, felizmente dedicou-se ao cinema.


Men of Crisis: The Harvey Wallinger Story 
Is a short film directed by Woody Allen in 1971. The film was a satirization of the Richard Nixon administration made in mockumentary style.

Allen plays Harvey Wallinger, a thinly disguised version of Henry Kissinger.

The short was produced as a television special for PBS and was scheduled to air in February 1972, but it was pulled from the schedule shortly before the airdate. Reportedly, PBS officials feared losing its government support and decided not to air it.

Allen, who previously had sworn off doing television work, cited this as an example of why he should "stick to movies".[2] The special never aired and can now be viewed in The Paley Center for Media.

Two of Allen's regular leading ladies, Louise Lasser and Diane Keaton, make appearances, as does the Richard Nixon-lookalike Richard M. Dixon. The fictional characters are interspersed with newsreel footage of Hubert Humphrey, Spiro Agnew, and Nixon in embarrassing public moments. Allen would later explore this style again in Zelig.

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