quarta-feira, 11 de abril de 2018

That was my view

Fotografia de Chang Duong

That was my view
Like the sun gazing back at me, your eyes are looking straight at me
I can feel destiny I can See you But your sins I do not Know
Because like the moon you do not glow
I can see you but I can not feel you

Out of Sight these feelings are so tight will I see you I might
Forever in my mind are my visions of you and hoping you seeing this too
Look at me again
Tell me what you see or feel.

This pain of not seeing you will it heel, the pathway to heaven is not so clear
Like you like a far distant star,
I can not touch the fear of not knowing too much, about you
What did you feel about me, what’s your vision of me, what did you see when you looked at me with a stare you gave no one else
I could feel destiny calling shinning on me, looking at me and no one else only at me you looked at me as though I was he

I looked at you, is my vision of you gone
Like the wind, like the sea, like the moon,
Like the sun, please come back
In my view
Paul Ambrose

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  1. Dia de SOL!
    Belo poema.

    Para desanuviar da chuva e do frio, deixo uma sugestão:

    Kurt Vile: "Lost My Head There"

    (esqueça o video --- oiça a música, a boa música)